A Theme For All Devices

Responsive DesignIn this week’s post, I’m taking an overview of a major feature of Catalyst Theme, one that offers a huge benefit to both you and visitors to your website.

It’s called Responsive Design.

Simply put, Responsive Design allows the layout and content of your website to be automatically displayed in different ways to the person viewing, depending on the width of the web browser they are using.

And Catalyst Theme provides it!

Why is Implementing Responsive Design a Benefit to My Visitors?

Due to their physical size, mobile devices such as Tablets, iPads, Smartphones etc, utilize smaller width browsers to display web content.

And as you’re probably well aware, more and more people are viewing web content from their mobile devices.

Responsive Design & Mobile DevicesResponsive Design & Mobile Devices

Responsive Design therefore allows you to develop a site design to look just how you want on a full width desktop display, and have the design adapt and respond to automatically display the content more effectively, and as you’d prefer it to look, when viewed using the smaller width browsers on mobile devices.

It means you no longer have to suffer with the “one size suits all devices” approach to website design that other WordPress Themes restrict you to.

With Responsive Design, people viewing your site on their iPad, smartphone or whatever device they’re using don’t need to squint at text that has been squashed in size to fit the screen, or have to expand it and scroll around trying to find the right area to view. Neither do they have to attempt to tap on miniscule links etc to take the action you want them to.

Responsive Design allows you to provide your readers a better viewing experience across all devices.

Why is Implementing Responsive Design a Benefit to You?

Firstly, as stated just above, it helps provide your visitor with a better experience of your site if they’re viewing on a mobile device, and that means they’re more likely to keep using your site.

Secondly, if you want to utilize and take advantage of mobile web usage, then it provides an easier and very much more effective method of doing so compared to the alternatives such as those described here:

You could use a plugin that generates a mobile friendly version of your site’s content. But they’re normally limited in their design options – requiring that you use their mobile specific theme – so you’ll probably significantly lose the look and feel of your site.

This approach also means it’s another plugin to update, (and to hope there are updates to keep up with WordPress etc).

Or you can develop a separate site specifically for mobile devices – maybe using a .mobi domain name version of your main site.

But, then you’d have two sites to maintain. Two sites to promote. Two sites to optimize for SEO and to try and avoid duplicate content. Two sites for your visitors to remember to use as the occasion dictates.

Instead, by using Catalyst Theme, which provides and supports Responsive Design, you can design and develop one site in one place that caters for all viewing options – with no additional plugins or second site to maintain.

It means you can then concentrate on the purpose of your site – creating and delivering your great content to your audience, whatever their viewing device.

Catalyst Theme and Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a great and very valuable feature of Catalyst Theme. It’s also relatively straightforward to use.

As with most things Catalyst, the ability to implement incredibly powerful functionality has been made as easy and simple as possible.

The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet for Responsive Design, which is included as an additional document to the main Cheat Sheet guide, details the Responsive Design functionality and how to use it. Both guides are available to licensed Catalyst owners in the Catalyst Forum downloads section.

Have fun.


David Pritchard is the author of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet – the 250+ page guide that helps users make the most of Catalyst Theme. Licenced Catalyst Theme users can get their FREE copy in the downloads section of the Catalyst Theme forum.

David also has a site that with guides to using Catalyst Theme, WordPress, SEO, internet marketing techniques and other topics athttp://www.FastStepInternetMarketing.com