Here are some screenshots showing the location of the many Catalyst hooks available for use with Widget Areas & Hook Boxes.  To download the original screenshots CLICK HERE.

Default WordPress Homepage

Catalyst Hooks Map Posts

Single Post Page With Comments

Catalyst Hooks Map Single Post

WordPress Page

Catalyst Hooks Map WordPress Page

EZ Static Home Page With Feature Top & Fat Footer Enabled

Please Note: For some reason the hook names below rendered with “chile_home_” attached to the front of each hook name so just remove that part when referencing these EZ Static Homepage hooks.
Catalyst Hooks Map EZ Static Home Page

In addition to these screenshots, Catalyst has a built-in function for highlighting all the hooks on your own site. If you’re comfortable making changes to core files, give this a try:

In the file catalyst/lib/functions/catalyst-hooks.php, around line 200 ( line 230 in Catalyst 1.5 ), you’ll see something like this:

//add_action( 'init', 'catalyst_highlight_hooks' );
function catalyst_highlight_hooks()
 $catalyst_hooks = array(

You’ll just want to remove the double-slashes from the first line, resulting in this:

add_action( 'init', 'catalyst_highlight_hooks' );
function catalyst_highlight_hooks()
 $catalyst_hooks = array(

When you’re finished, just add the double-slashes back in.