Flexible Page Content

Flexible Page ContentOne of the consistent messages that you will have noticed running through many of these Feature of the Week Posts is the flexibility that Catalyst Theme provides when it comes to site layout and design.

In addition to the multitude of design options that allow you to style the appearance of virtually every item on a site, there are also extensive options for the more structural aspects of the site’s design.

Flexible Page Layouts

The options provided by Catalyst for the structural design aspects include things such as unique Page Layouts for each individual Page or Post, each individual Category or Tag Archive Page, and indeed for each individual Author Archive Page.

Alternatively of course, you can specify a Page Layout to be used for all Category Archives, or all Author Archives. The degree of granularity, from site wide to individual Post/Page is up to you.

Not only does Catalyst Theme then allow you to specify different (or the same – it’s up to you!) Sidebar and Content Pane arrangements for each individual Page Layout, but the widths for each Sidebar and Content Pane in each layout can be individually specified too.

Catalyst Theme then takes things a stage further by allowing you to create Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook Boxes and assign them to specific Page Layouts only.

This means that a Sidebar on one Page Layout, say a Category Archive Page for “Blue Whats-its” can have sidebar related widget content specific to “Blue What-sits”.

Likewise a Sidebar for a Category Archive Page for “Red Whats-its” can have its own specific widget based content.

Removing Page Elements

Such is the flexibility of Catalyst Theme, that you also have complete (and easy) control of other components on a Page too.

Let’s say you have some content that you want to display in glorious isolation without any distraction around it, perhaps a graphic item that you just want people to click on, and you don’t want the Navigation Menu to get in the way, or the Header or Footer for the site even!

Here’s a Page (made for this example) as it would normally appear:

Page ContentExample Page with Header, Navbar and Footer

To remove the unwanted elements, we just go to the Hide Tab of settings in Dynamik Options and select which elements we want to remove for the Page concerned as shown below (Catalyst even provides a handy list of Page IDs and some of the major elements as examples at the bottom of the Hide Options page).

Remove Page ContentDynamik Hide Options

After we’ve saved those changes, the result is a nice splash screen like this…

Removing Page ContentSame Page with Header, Navbar and Footer Removed

This is just another example of a feature that typifies the flexibility provided by Catalyst Theme and shows how typically easy it is to implement what you want!

Have fun


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