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Thread: simple Hair Salon site

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    simple Hair Salon site

    Note the full width nav. It stretches to the very edge of the wrapper. I designed the header to include the horz cyan bar. ie part of the full width header jpeg.

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    Just 2 things I stumbled upon. If you tell Easing slider to not load its old 1.4.2 version of jQuery then WordPress own and newer will be active. You can do this in settings, set to "false" instead of "true". Might or might not be important, also hinted in Easing settings. You will see once you get other jQuery stuff running, like Nextgen sliders. Go latests and greatest until proven wrong...

    The other thing is your background has a width of 1600px so not many will notice it is tiled and has a weird looking border. Spoils the experience to some degree if picky enough Browser resolution stats will make you go BAH but you can get around this "problem" by using plugin/script like SuperSized. A longtime fanboy of that script have made a WP plugin This is more relevant if you have a bunch of backgrounds, cant decide and just had to choose one and went for with matching colors. To be honest I think effect works the best when whole site is based on finetuned transparency - but just fix the borders, heh. May be it is easily done via graphics program, smooth them out or whatever. I dont know how. Example of "transparency" could be slightly less of it, slightly bigger fonts and thumbs up.

    Btw. the SuperSized script also can do full screen gallery if a normal gallery seem too weak. With Thumbnails and all. What I have seen and heard. Requires custom field to tell script THIS page/template is different than the rest and what not. But possible (I think) and might not be that much out of place for this site. Can work or be a disaster

    If overkill because site only need 1 background, and already has a big one, then may be this can be applied You can fix/blow up backgrounds with simple CSS, in some cases. Notice "Works in:" section after each method. Check comments for more insight.
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