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    Please tell me would WP_Multilingual extension that brings WordPress multilingual support work with catalyst? Download link for the extension (not affiliate link): If not, please recommend a multilingual plugin that is functional.
    ASAP answer is greatly appreciated!

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    I found a newer one and hope this one will be compatible with catalyst?

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    FYI, qTranslate plugin is working with catalyst. I tested it on the website
    On the website live when click on language to switch the language it translates only widget categories to kategorien. Within dashboard when to translate post it doesn't translate when switch language.
    Can you help with this?

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    Please help with this plugin!!! Above was a typo qTranslate plugin IS NOT WORKING with catalyst! can anybody suggest a plugin I can use to translate content?

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    For qTranslate, did you follow their setup instructions?

    Here's their FAQ page:

    I don't think it's as simple as activating the Plugin and then clicking a language. You have to get the MO files from

    ( mentioned in this FAQ: )

    As well as a few additional things. So be sure you've set it up properly and then re-test.


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