Including User Biographical Information

Including Author Bio InformationIn last week’s Feature of the Week Post I looked at controlling user options and how to enable (and restrict) what each user can do and access in WordPress and Catalyst Theme.

In this week’s post I’m going to cover some additional user related options provided by Catalyst Theme.

User/Author Biographical Information

Providing background and biographical information about the author(s) of the content on your site can be a powerful aid to increasing its authority and how it is perceived by visitors who view it.

There are three significant areas where such biographical information can be provided.

The first is at the end of a Post.

A field called Biographical Info is provided for each WordPress User Profile (in WordPress > Users > ‘User’ > About Yourself).

User Profile Bio InformationUser Profile Biographical Info

The content provided here will be displayed at the end of each Post written by that Author.

This Author Information Box can be fully styled for added visual impact using the Author Options in Dynamik as shown below.

The text for the link at the end of the bio box can also be set using the Post Author Box Link Text in the Catalyst Core Options > Content > Content Meta Options area.

User Bio InformationThe Author Information Box – After Styling in Dynamik

As well as, or instead of, displaying author information at the end of every Post, Catalyst also provides an option to provide an Author Archive Description at the head of each Author’s Archive page (i.e. at the head of all the Posts written by a particular author).

Author Archive DescriptionCatalyst Author Archive Options

The option for this can also be found just underneath the Biographical Info fields mentioned above in WordPress > Users > ‘User’ > Catalyst Author Archive Options.

The result immediately conveys information about the author to the visitor. Being near the top of the page content, this also provides a useful opportunity to include relevant keywords about the author, and their field of expertise, for additional search engine benefit.

Author Archive Description HeadingAuthor Archive Page Information

The third option I’ll cover in this week’s post is the Catalyst Author Bio Widget.

This widget can be found in the WordPress > Appearance > Widgets and can be included in any widget area you wish – such as a Sidebar, EZ Widget area or Custom Widget Area.

This widget will display the same text as the Biographical Information field in the selected user’s profile – unless an alternative description is provided in the text box in this widget.

Author Bio WidgetCatalyst Author Bio Widget

If desired this widget can also be used to include a link to another Page, and so provide more details about that specific user (perhaps a full page biography or resume etc), along with the user’s Gravator etc.

Here we’ve included it in an EZ Feature Top Widget Area (the right hand widget in this case) on the Homepage in this instance.

Author Bio WidgetCatalyst Author Bio Widget Included in an EZ Feature Top Widget Area

As is so often the case with most things in Catalyst Theme, the options for providing author’s biographical information are comprehensively catered for and provide plenty of choice for how you might wish to implement this useful feature.

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