More Catalyst Theme Backup Functionality

More Backup OptionsThis week I’m continuing the theme of last week’s Feature of the Week Post that looked at the Backup and Restore functionality in Catalyst Theme.

In the previous post I showed how the Catalyst Core & Advanced settings for the structural layout of a site can be exported and imported – either back into the same site or as the basis of a new site as required.

Likewise, the hundreds of settings in the Dynamik Child Theme that form the styling and design options for the site can be exported as a Dynamik Skin for use as a backup for the same site or to be imported to provide the initial design settings for a different site.

Now let’s look at some of the other features Catalyst Theme provides in this area…

Dynamik Snapshot

This feature was added in Version 1.5 of Catalyst and is very handy when you’re busy designing a site, experimenting and adjusting the various style settings in Dynamik to achieve the look and feel you want.

It can be very common to get to a point in the design process where you quite like the way everything looks so far, but you want to experiment and change things to see if you can make them even better – perhaps changing the look and feel of the Navbars maybe, which can involve altering several settings.

Previously that might risk losing the current settings and then struggling to re-design things back to the way they were (or having to export the settings and re-import them on a frequent basis as the design developed).

With the Snapshot though, it’s made much, much easier.

Dynamik SnapshotDynamik Snapshot

The Snapshot feature is found in the Dynamik Import/Export options and will store a copy of all the Dynamik settings at the moment the “Update Snapshot” button is clicked. The timestamp information alongside the button will be updated to reflect the time the snapshot was taken.

There is also a Snapshot Notes text box provided to allow you to include an optional  reminder about what the design looks like at that stage.

If the experimental changes don’t work out, just click the  “Restore from Snapshot” and the original settings will be restored.

Note that creating a new Snapshot will overwrite the existing one.

So, as a method for quickly saving and restoring settings as you progress with the design for a site, this is faster and more convenient than making regular exports of the settings and also does not create an export file every time.

It does not create an external file though, so to save these settings for backup purposes (in case of database corruption) you should then use the Dynamik Export feature instead.

Undo Last Save

Both the Catalyst Core and Dynamik Options include an “Undo Last Save” feature which will undo the changes made since the previous successful save.

So for example, you might make some changes to say, the Dynamik Content settings and click the big “Save Changes” button to save them.

If you don’t like the result, you can then use this feature to revert these changes and put the settings back to the state they were in after the previous successful save.

The option to perform this for the Catalyst Core Options is found at the bottom of all Core Options Pages in the Core Options Reset area, and a similar option can be found at the bottom of all Dynamik options pages to revert the Dynamik Settings.

Undo Last SaveUndo Last Save (shown for Catalyst Core Options)

Although relatively simple features, both “Snapshot” and “Undo Last Save” are also very effective and great time savers.

Have fun.


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