SEO for Category Archive Pages

Category Archive Page SEOThe last few posts have looked at the outstanding functionality Catalyst Theme provides for making fully Responsive sites for mobile devices.

While this is undoubtedly one of its major features, Catalyst Theme is also loaded with a huge number of less obvious features that all contribute to making it a powerhouse of a WordPress theme.

This week I’m taking a look at one of those less obvious but very useful and important features, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) options for Category Archive Pages.

Catalyst Theme provides options to add a Catalyst Document Title, Description and Keywords to any standard WordPress Page or Post.

Catalyst SEO OptionsCatalyst Post/Page Options for SEO

The Catalyst Document Title can (optionally) be combined with the Site Name in Catalyst’s Core SEO options to form the Page Title, or used on its own if preferred.

These elements are very useful for On-Page SEO, allowing the Page Title to be optimised around the keyword that the content of the Page is focused upon.

In particular, the Page Title for a webpage is very important for SEO as it should describe what the Page content is about and forms the basis of the <title> tag in the header of the code for the Page. That means it is one of the first things that Search Engine spiders see when they crawl and index the page.

However, while a standard Page has its own specific content, options and tags relevant to SEO that can all help with optimising it based on that content, Archive Pages display dynamic content.

A Category Archive Page for example, does not have its own specific content as such but will display the Posts that are assigned to that particular category.

Each of those Posts may have its own Title, Description, Keywords etc, but by default the actual Archive Page itself does not.

Which is why, for maximum SEO effectiveness, Catalyst Theme provides just that feature.

Category Archive and SEO Options in Catalyst Theme

To find the Catalyst SEO options for a particular Category, go to Edit Category (in WordPress Menu > Posts > Categories).

Category SEO OptionsCatalyst Category Archive Page SEO Options

Here we can now add the Document Title, Description and Keywords relevant to this category as we can for any other standard WordPress Post or Page.

Note that the Meta Description in the Catalyst options shown here will usually be the description that appears as the snippet in the search results, so as well as including the keyword relevant to the category, the snippet itself should be interesting and encourage people to click on your site’s entry in the results.

You will also see another Description field above the Catalyst Archive Options for each Category. This field allows you to preface the list of Posts displayed with a relevant description of the Category.

The Catalyst Archive Options allow you to enable both this description and the Category Name such that they appear at the top of the Archive Page. Again, these can be useful for SEO purposes allowing a concise description of the Category to be provided and picked up by search engine spiders.

Category SEO OptionsCatalyst Archive and SEO Options

The options that Catalyst Theme provides here mean that Search Engines can find and index the Category Archive Pages much more effectively.

It’s another very powerful feature of Catalyst Theme!

Have fun


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