We highly recommend BlueHost to all our customers and pretty much anyone who uses WordPress for building websites. It works perfectly with WordPress and Catalyst, has some of the best 24/7 support around, provides solid performance & reliability and has been around a very long time!

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How To Find The Web Host That’s Right For You

Finding the right web host to provide the most reliable, affordable and all around useful website experience is key to online success.  Whether you just want a nice, self hosted blog or need to house a full blown CMS website to sell products and/or promote services, you need to be sure you’re working with a hosting company that provides a solid server solution to effectively meet your needs and excellent customer service to go along with it.  More than this, you want to be sure that your web host is particularly suited for the unique requirements of a WordPress self hosted website.  So below we’ve provided a personal suggestion from first hand experience.  Choosing from hundreds of available hosts can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Before we get into the details of BlueHost, let me run through a few things you might want to know about today’s self hosting plans.  I like to use the analogy of buying a computer.  Back in the day the difference in specs from one computer to the next was quite large.  One computer might house a hard drive that could hold all your documents and then some, while a lower budget model provided just enough space for the basics, running out of room before you know it.  These days, though, you can buy pretty much any computer and get a hard drive that provides way more space than most any average user could ever dream of filling.  So if someone asks me which specs to be aware of when buying a computer, I no longer mention the hard drive as it’s no longer something to be concerned with.

My point is this.  Most any reputable web hosting plan includes more than enough online space to store your website files 100 times over.  So when you look at their specs and see that you have unlimited space you think, “Well, I guess that should cover me forever.”  For most, this would be an accurate statement, but just keep in mind a few things.

Bandwidth: This is the amount of data transfer to and from your web server.  This limit is also quite large these days and is probably not a concern (BlueHost UNLIMITED bandwidth, so this should not be a concern at all).  But a few hosting companies still restrict this quite a bit, so be sure to make note of these specs.

CPU Usage: This is one of the big ones.  Most shared hosts provide plenty of CPU Usage for average users, but if you were to get a sudden surge of traffic and it was large enough to make your web server exceed this limit, your site would go down for a bit, until the surge subsided.  Most inexpensive hosts will provide more than enough for general use, but if your site (or sites, if you plan on running multiple websites off of one server) start bringing in large amounts of daily traffic, you may need to upgrade to a more robust package.

Memory: (Another big one for high traffic sites)You would think that the CPU would dictate the speed of your server, but much more important to the performance of your site than the servers CPU is its memory.  The more memory, the faster your server will be.  This becomes even more noticeable as your server load increases.  Most Shared Hosting plans provide plenty of memory for the majority of website needs, but for those with high traffic (or the occasional bursts of traffic), having a good amount of memory on board is key.

Server Type: This one is simple.  Just be sure to grab yourself a LINUX server, not a Windows server.  Windows will work with WordPress, but LINUX is by far the easiest and best overall solution.

OK, so that was just a few snippets of info that is good to know going into a possible web host signup.  Below is our suggestion that should more than cover your WordPress and any other website needs.


We’ve been using BlueHost to host many of our websites for a few years now.  They are one of the top self hosted solutions and have been nothing but awesome all around.  From their amazing 24/7 technical support, to their affordable, reliable, user friendly and feature rich hosting packages, BlueHost is currently our top pick for a WordPress Self Hosting Service.

So if you’re in the market for a perfect match to your WordPress website needs, be sure to Check Out BlueHost.